1) Am I aware of the Import Duties and Tax Charges on the Package I’m Sending?

Before you decide to send your package to any foreign country, it is your responsibility to check the duties, taxes, or any other charges that could apply to the importing country's customs. It will not be our responsibility to inform you of the same.

Secondly, if any duties, taxes, or other charges are levied on the package by the importing country, the Receiver of the package will be liable to pay the same.

SaveOnFast Shipping is not responsible for informing the sender about the duties, taxes, and charges of the importing country and is also not liable to pay the whole or part of the duties, taxes, and charges the customs of importing country may charge.

2) Is my Package Packed as per the Carrier’s Guidelines?

If your package contains just documents or unbreakable items like clothes, leather items, etc., then there is no need to worry, but if they are expensive or breakable items, please refer to the carrier’s website for packaging guidelines for we, as the Shipping Agents, will not be responsible for any loss, theft, breakages, or damage to the consignment – whether you pack the package (the customer) or packed by us as we do not charge for the packing.

SaveOnFast Shipping clearly states that we do not take any responsibility or liability for damaged packages, whether packed by the customer or by us, as we do not charge for the packing.

3) Am I Declaring the Correct Value of the product I’m shipping for Insurance  Purposes?

Please let us know the correct value of the contents and the package so we can correctly guide you on what insurance does the package require? And sometimes, we may choose not to ship the package due to its high value or contents.

SaveOnFast Shipping has no idea about the value of the contents or the value of the package; hence we rely completely on the information given by you, the customer.

4) Am I Declaring the Correct Contents? 

Make sure that you declare the correct contents of the package in detail, including the items and quantities/numbers in the Proforma/Commercial Invoice. Do not miss out on anything – if an item is lost, it will be impossible to prove to the carrier that it was lost, for it was never there in the first place – as per your declaration.

SaveOnFast Shipping knows nothing about the contents and quantities of what is inside the package; hence gives the correct and precise information about the contents, the amounts, and the value of each item.

5) Am I Shipping banned or restricted Items?

If you try to ship restricted or banned items knowingly or unknowingly, your package may be confiscated, and you may be subjected to legal proceedings as per the law.

Suppose false information about the contents and value of the package is given/declared knowingly or unknowingly. In that case, you will be solely responsible for the consequences if concerned authorities take legal action against you.